Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health, Louisiana Public Broadcasting Partner on Health and Well-being Initiative

Serving Louisiana for more than 95 years, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health has partnered with Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) on an initiative to help raise a healthier generation. The initiative, called One To Grow On, provides parents around Louisiana with access to information and quick tips to help them understand general health, healthy eating habits, prenatal care, and child safety tips, among other things.

“We all have a hand in the future of Louisiana’s children. Through this partnership with LPB, we hope to connect with more families in providing tips and education on how to raise a healthier generation,” said Trey Dunbar, MD, president of Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health.

One To Grow On includes videos for broadcast and digital viewing, as well as a dedicated website onetogrowon.org, featuring links to reputable resources helpful to parents, expectant parents, grandparents, teachers, and neighbors – anyone who cares about the future of Louisiana’s children.

“These tips are designed to be quick and simple – easy to digest one-minute videos with important parenting information. They are based on scientific research from the American Academy of Pediatrics,” said Beth Courtney, CEO of Louisiana Public Broadcasting. “They cover a wide range of topics, but they have one important thing in common: they are all designed to help Louisiana children THRIVE!”

LPB has selected an advisory board made up of pediatric and childcare experts from across Louisiana to ensure timely topics and accurate information. The board includes Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health pediatrician Lauren Bailey, MD, who practices in Lafayette, and Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group family medicine physician, Rani G. Whitfield, MD, who practices in Baton Rouge.

View helpful parenting times and additional information on the One To Grow On initiative at onetogrowon.org.