Louisiana Healthcare Connections Members Highlight Medicaid’s Positive Impact on Business and Community

Louisiana Healthcare Connections, a Medicaid health plan serving the Louisiana Department of Health and a wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC), has been a steadfast ally for two farmers and their families, offering crucial support during challenging periods.

Maggie Long, the owner and operator of Mushroom Maggie's Farm in St. Francisville, faced multiple setbacks, including a devastating barn fire that left her husband, Cyrus, injured, and the subsequent challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maggie Long shares, "Being a farmer is not easy. We had a barn fire after we had been up and running for only a year. Cyrus got burned, and everything just melted. We finally got going again and then COVID hit. So, we've had to essentially restart the business three times. It's just been one foot in front of the other since then."

Despite these hardships, Louisiana Healthcare Connections has been a constant source of support for Maggie and her family. Louisiana Healthcare Connections has sponsored dollar-match programs of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) at farmers' markets across the state, playing a crucial role in assisting farmers like Maggie by providing financial aid to both vendors and customers.

Maggie expressed her gratitude, stating, "The SNAP-match program sponsored by Louisiana Healthcare Connections has been a tremendous help. People who come in and put down $20 get matched with another $20, so they leave with $40 worth of good food. And that's 20 extra dollars to one of the farmers.”

Louisiana Healthcare Connections has not only been instrumental in providing financial support but has also ensured that Maggie and her family have access to comprehensive healthcare coverage, including additional therapy needed for her son's developmental delays.

“Thank you for answering the phone calls and supporting us,” continued Long. “It’s made it easier for farmers who work really, really hard.”

William Fletcher, a fifth-generation strawberry farmer in Ponchatoula, faced the challenges of two floods in 2016 that severely impacted his annual income. After the floods, William found support through Louisiana Healthcare Connections, allowing him to afford health insurance for his family.

William shares, "Having excellent healthcare is something that lets me sink a little deeper into the pillow at night and the knowledge that if something happened, I know we would have been taken care of."