FranU Hosts More than 30 Students for Clover College  

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University hosted more than 30 students from Clover College June 21-22.  

The participants were high school students who attended 4-H University at LSU. As part of the program, a student can opt to participate in Clover College and spend a day and a half doing various activities. Students were given a packet with information on the different experiences offered, and they ranked them according to which program they wanted to attend; then Clover College matched students with their top choices. 

Students experienced a wide variety of different career opportunities within health professions while visiting FranU. They worked together to solve a crime with the biology program, got firsthand nursing experience that included placing IVs and administering vaccines, and took part in live simulations that included delivering a baby using high-fidelity manikins in the Simulated Environment Teaching Hospital. The Radiologic Technology Program showed participants FranU’s two fully functional X-Ray machines. Students also had a unique opportunity to learn about anatomy using an anatomage table, and the Business program had an activity that highlighted career opportunities within healthcare administration.