FMOLHS Celebrates 5 Years of Collaboration with Healthcare Anchor Network

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS) is commemorating more than five years of collaboration with the Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN), an alliance of more than 70 healthcare systems committed to addressing health disparities. 

"Our membership in the Healthcare Anchor Network aligns seamlessly with our mission to foster inclusive, healthier communities,” said Tina Schaffer, FMOLHS vice president, chief talent strategy and diversity officer. "We recognize the transformative power of collective efforts and are eager to contribute to HAN's mission of leveraging healthcare assets for community empowerment."

During its time within HAN, FMOLHS has expanded opportunities for high school students. Partnerships with regional high schools offering Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs provide students with certifications in EKG and medical assisting, setting pathways for aspiring RNs. For those opting for alternative routes, the organization supports pathways to community colleges and LPN programs, showcasing a unique approach shaped by HAN's non-traditional talent acquisition methods.

Fully immersed in HAN's mission, FMOLHS strategically aligns hiring, purchasing, and investing decisions to enhance local economies and community conditions. The organization is strategically poised to make a substantial contribution, having aligned with institutions employing over 2 million people and collectively influencing a substantial $200 billion in investment assets.

Over the past years, FMOLHS has increased its community investments, academic partnerships, tuition assistance, and financial stability programs which all have an impact on ensuring healthier communities in Louisiana and Mississippi.