Dr. Rebekah Gee Appointed CEO of Health Care Services Division

Dr. Larry Hollier, chancellor of LSU Health New Orleans, has appointed Rebekah Gee, MD, MPH, CEO of the Health Care Services Division.

Gee served as Louisiana’s Secretary of Health, a governor’s cabinet appointment, during Gov. John Bel Edwards’ first term. She oversaw a successful implementation of Medicaid expansion, and led efforts to improve health outcomes, health care quality, and reduce maternal mortality. She also spearheaded an innovative first in the nation’s approach to drug pricing that has led to unlimited access to a cure for Hepatitis C patients in Medicaid or correctional facilities.

Gee also retains her faculty joint appointments in the School of Medicine and School of Public Health. She will focus on an array of initiatives that broaden the impact of work being done by LSU Health in the areas of community health, health care quality, medical care, and research. She will also lead efforts to apply technology and digital health solutions to traditional public health programs and strategies.

“Dr. Gee is a visionary leader who is helping to not only to define health care challenges but improve outcomes,” noted Hollier. “She recognizes that LSU has the opportunity to improve health by partnering with both rural and urban communities throughout the state.

“LSU Health has always been the beating heart of clinical training and care for underserved populations for the state," added Gee. “As Louisiana’s flagship health university, it has a unique opportunity to lead the path forward toward better health for our state.”