Woman's Hospital Launches New Pregnancy App

Woman’s Hospital, a leading expert on pregnancy and childbirth, has launched a new app that combines trusted medical information with the best features from the most popular pregnancy apps. “Woman’s Pregnancy” app offers educational resources, and helpful tools for expectant moms to utilize throughout pregnancy, and after baby arrives.

Delivering more than 8,500 babies each year, Woman’s is in a unique position to improve the health of women and infants, such as significantly increasing breastfeeding rates, and educating women on healthier pregnancies.

“Education is an essential part of a healthy pregnancy,” said Cheri Johnson, Woman’s Vice President of Perinatal Services. “Through the Woman’s Pregnancy app, we’re able to share our expertise with women all across the country, furthering our mission to improve the health of women and infants.”

Created in collaboration with Baton Rouge-based software firm Envoc, the app was designed to be a comprehensive resource for pregnant and breastfeeding women; it includes all of the educational information that Woman’s recently published in a paperback pregnancy journal. Because the app features tools for timing contractions and tracking breastfeeding sessions, women won't need to download separate apps. 

Features include:

-Week-by-week baby development with fruit size comparisons

-To-do lists

-Weight tracker

-Kick counter

-Contraction timer

-Breastfeeding/pumping tracker

-Diaper change log

-Educational information on living a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding, and more

The breastfeeding tracker, in particular, was included with the intent to help women successfully breastfeed. Research shows that breast milk provides health advantages, beginning at birth, and continuing over a lifetime. These include a stronger immune system, and fewer respiratory illnesses, ear infections, and gastrointestinal issues. New mothers also benefit because weight loss occurs more rapidly, and breastfeeding may reduce the incidence of certain types of cancer.

“This is the type of app project that showcases the great work that comes from great client collaboration, and brings real, personalized value to the end user during one of the most wonderful times of their life,” said Ned Fasullo, Envoc’s Chief Strategy Officer. “We look forward to expanding the functionality of the app, and continued collaboration with the Woman's Hospital team.”

The app is now available on the App Store; simply search “Woman’s Pregnancy.” An Android version is currently in development.