Woman’s Hospital’s Diabetes Prevention Program Recognized by CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded full recognition status to Woman’s Hospital for its Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), a year-long lifestyle change program for women diagnosed with pre-diabetes or at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Woman’s DPP is one of two programs in Louisiana to achieve full recognition.

A trained DPP lifestyle coach leads the approved curriculum in a group setting to assist participants in making behavioral changes such as eating healthier, planning meals, and incorporating physical activity into the daily routine, ultimately teaching the skills needed to adopt a healthy lifestyle and improve coping skills for dealing with everyday challenges.

“I signed up for Woman’s Diabetes Prevention Program when my weight and pre-diabetic symptoms were increasing at an alarming speed. I had spent years on various diets that only worked while I was on them. Within only six months of attending sessions, both my weight and my A1C levels dropped, plus I had acquired the tools and the incentive to continue,” said a participant in Woman’s DPP. “The program was a year-long adventure of education, encouragement, support, professional feedback, and self-discovery that enabled me to replace unhealthy habits I had been fighting for over 40 years. Along with the other members of my group, I created a healthier lifestyle that was built around real food, real situations, plus an exercise routine tailored to my interests and abilities.”

“Woman’s Diabetes Prevention Program has shown great success in preventing or delaying type 2 diabetes in the Baton Rouge area over the past three years,” said Sara Nelms, diabetes education program coordinator at Woman’s Hospital. “This program is based on results from numerous research studies that prove its sustained effectiveness over the past 20 years.”

As a CDC fully-recognized program, Woman’s DPP can now accept Medicare. Some insurance companies are now accepting DPP as a healthcare model in preventing type 2 diabetes and will provide some, if not all, coverage of the program.

Woman’s will start its fourth DPP group session in September of 2018. For more information about Woman’s Diabetes Prevention Program, contact Sara Nelms at (225) 924-8315.