Public Release Scheduled of Regional Plan to Address Opioid Epidemic

Capital Area Human Services (CAHS) will hold a summit on Dec. 5 to release the new "Community-Wide Response Plan to the Opioid Epidemic." The plan includes nine topic areas, recommendations and action steps for addressing the opioid crisis locally.                                                                                              

The plan was created and developed from expert presentations, a thorough literature review of national initiatives, and input from individuals representing more than 130 organizations, agencies, and service providers at the CAHS Behavioral Health Collaborative meetings.

"The entities who participated in the monthly planning meetings over 18 months included hundreds of individuals from the community representing public health, private providers, health planners, law enforcement, non-profit grassroots organizations, and individuals impacted by opioid abuse. We commend them for their recommendations and expertise in identifying local needs," said Jan Kasofsky, PhD, CAHS executive director. 

The topics included in the plan are Understanding Addiction and Reducing Stigma, Prevention Services, Law Enforcement; Criminal Justice Reform, and Corrections; Prescribing Practices; Harm Reduction: Overdose Reversal and Syringe Access; Pain Management; Detoxification, Medication-Assisted Treatment ( MAT) and Supportive Counseling; Treatment of Pregnant Women and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS); and Recovery Services and Community Supports. The summit provides an opportunity for stakeholders to collaboratively discuss implementation of critical recommended action steps in order to continue making progress in addressing this opioid crisis. Participants will be asked to identify their areas of response.

The Dec. 5 summit is co-sponsored by CAHS' Opioid Prevention Alliance for Ladies and Girls (OPAL) and AmeriHealth. Copies of the plan will be available to participants. Lunch will be provided. The program is free and open to the public.

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