Pop-Up Pink Pumpkin Patch Sprouts at Baton Rouge General

Thousands of pink pumpkins arrived overnight in a pop-up pumpkin patch on Baton Rouge General’s Bluebonnet campus. The pumpkin patch is part f the hospital’s breast cancer awareness campaign that promotes annual mammograms for women over 40.

The public is invited to visit the pink pumpkin patch, take photos, and bring home a pumpkin to display in honor of breast cancer awareness.  The pink pumpkins aren’t painted - they are Porcelain Doll pumpkins that were cultivated to aid in the fight against breast cancer.  Only about 50 farms across the country grow the pink pumpkins, which are part of a national campaign launched in 2012 to encourage people to show unity in the fight to find a cure.

“Breast cancer deaths have dropped dramatically in the past two decades, thanks to better treatment, greater awareness, and more women getting mammograms,” said BRG President and CEO Edgardo Tenreiro. “But, we can’t get complacent.  Most women over 40 need a mammogram every year, and we want to make it as easy as possible.”

To schedule a mammogram, visit protectyourpumpkins.com or call (225) 769-1847.  Baton Rouge General is also hosting a mammogram screening event Oct. 27.  Mammos & Mimosas is a Saturday morning brunch event where guests can enjoy a variety of food options, mimosas, music, local retailers, and demonstrations, in addition to having a private clinical breast exam and mammogram.  Visit BRGeneral.org/mammos for more information.

Baton Rouge General’s Pennington Cancer Center was the Baton Rouge area’s first accredited comprehensive breast center by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.  BRG’s breast imaging center was also named a breast imaging center of excellence by the American College of Radiology for the past two years.

The hospital also opened The Healing Boutique in March, a first-of-its-kind retail shop offering supplies and resources for both men and women with all types of cancer. The full-service store, located in the BRG Gift Shop, specializes in cancer-related items that span the full spectrum of patient needs. It is the only boutique for cancer patients in the area that’s open after 5 p.m. and on weekends.