Pointe Coupee Hospice Volunteer Recognized Nationally

Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee Senior Olivia Beauvais was recently nominated by the Pointe Coupee Hospice Staff for the 2018 Volunteers Are the Foundation of Hospice Award. This award is presented to an outstanding student hospice volunteer. “Being nominated for this award is a very special honor in and of itself. It signifies how very important Olivia’s contributions are to your hospice and the community”, stated Diane Snyder Cowan, National Council of Hospice and Palliative Care Professionals awards committee chairperson. Out of approximately 200 nominations, Olivia placed in the top five in the country in her category.

Olivia’s initial commitment to volunteerism with Pointe Coupee Hospice began as a sixth grader in 2013. At that time, and because of her age, she was utilized in a clerical capacity within the hospice office and participated in fundraising projects for the hospice fund.  In 2017, Olivia expressed a desire to become a direct care volunteer, which allowed her to visit hospice patients in their homes. Becoming a direct care volunteer meant hours of training, studying, and shadowing other volunteers until she met the requirements to become an independent visiting volunteer.

Olivia also participates in bereavement visits with hospice patients’ families, which requires an understanding ear and caring words of encouragement, qualities which this young high school student possesses “with ease.”

Olivia also manages full-time enrollment in honors courses as a senior in high school, and participates in high school extracurricular activities.