OLOL Announces Board of Directors

The 2017 Board of Directors for Our Lady of the Lake includes three new members and will be led by newly-appointed Chairman John M. Selser, an investment specialist for Tightline Capital.

The board also appointed Donald D. Daigle, retired vice president for Exxon Mobil, to serve as vice-chair and Yolanda Dixon, first assistant secretary with the Louisiana Senate, to serve as secretary.  

New board members include P. Michael Davis, chief of staff and vascular surgeon with CVT Surgical Center, Michael Crapanzano, MD, pediatric cardiology specialist, and Scott Hensgens, managing partner for Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, LLP, Attorneys at Law.

The Board of Directors governs the operations of Our Lady of the Lake, overseeing facilities, budgets, policies and ethics. The group is made up of business professionals, community leaders, physicians and Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Sisters.

John M. Selser, Chair
Donald D. Daigle, Vice Chair
Yolanda Dixon, Secretary

Board Members
William E. Balhoff
Sr. Helen Cahill, O.S.F.
Michael Crapanzano, MD
James E. Craven, MD
P. Michael Davis, MD, Chief of Staff 
Henry L. Eiserloh, MD
John M. Engquist
Scott Hensgens
Richard J. Koubek, Ph.D.
Julio Melara
Benton Oubre, MD 
Harry J. “Skip” Philips, Jr.
Sr. Eileen Rowe, O.S.F. 
K. Scott Wester (ex-officio)