New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight, Eat (King) Cake

The most popular New Year’s resolutions are typically to eat better and lose weight.  Unfortunately, in South Louisiana, the sweet treats of Mardi Gras season tend to derail even the best of our intentions.

Ochsner Eat Fit is helping more people keep their resolutions with the new dietitian-approved Eat Fit King Cake. It is available now in Baton Rouge at Alexander's Highland Market (18111 Highland Rd. in Baton Rouge).         

Molly Kimball, registered dietitian and founder of Ochsner Eat Fit, worked closely with John Caluda of Caluda’s Cottage Catering to develop the Eat Fit King Cake. This king cake is centered on an all-natural clean ingredient label made with almond flour, coconut flour, and Greek yogurt. It’s sweetened with Swerve, a natural, plant-based sweetener, with no artificial sweeteners or food dyes.

The feedback from tasting panels has been overwhelmingly positive – with many being unaware of such nutritious changes to the recipe. The use of almond and coconut flour gives the Eat Fit King Cake the appearance and texture of a regular white king cake.