Match Day Reveals Doctors Coming to BR for Training 

On March 17, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center joins Graduate Medical Education programs across the country for National Resident Match Day. The Match Day celebration at Our Lady of the Lake will reveal the new doctors coming to Baton Rouge for specialty training at Our Lady of the Lake for the next three to five years. The doctors named are the top candidates selected out of thousands of applicants from across the country.

Join us for this first reveal of residents matched to train at Our Lady of the Lake in the following programs:

OLOL Pediatric Residency
LSU Internal Medicine Residency
LSU-OLOL Psychiatry Residency
LSU Emergency Medicine Residency
LSU General Surgery Residency
LSU ENT Residency

The event will happen at noon in the Graduate Medical Education Lecture Hall on the first floor of Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, 5000 Hennessy Boulevard.