Girl Scouts Donate to Kids at BRG Regional Burn Center

First grade Girl Scouts from St. Jude Catholic School are putting the proceeds of their cookie sales to good use. The seven-year-olds in Troop 10133 chose to give Cookie Share donations and service project activity bags to kids at the Baton Rouge General Regional Burn Center.

“A lot of people buy cookies and instead of eating them, donate the boxes to charity,” said Beth Crochet, a CRNA in the Operating Room at Baton Rouge General and mom of a Troop 10133 Girl Scout. “This year, we wanted to give the cookies to kids at BRG’s Regional Burn Center.”

The girls also made activity bags for burn patients who will attend BRG’s statewide summer “I’m Still Me” burn camp. At the camp, children who have survived burn injuries can play with other survivors, building self-esteem and supporting emotional healing.

When asked why they wanted to give cookies and activity bags to kids at the BRG Regional Burn Center, Camille Hamner, age 7, said that “it was nice to do something good and to help sick kids feel better.”

Baton Rouge General's Regional Burn Center was first established in 1970 and is one of only 125 burn centers in the U.S. verified by the American Burn Association. Because of the limited number of burn centers across the nation, Baton Rouge General plays an integral role in supporting other Gulf Coast states when the need arises. Among the Regional Burn Center’s offerings are support groups and counseling as well as educational resources.

Learn more about the BRG Regional Burn Center’s resources and team of experts by visiting or by contacting (225) 387-7717 or