BRG Offers Screening for Lung Cancer, Deadliest Cancer Statewide

Baton Rouge General (BRG) is hosting a lung cancer screening on Nov. 4 for people aged 55-77 who are current or former smokers, or who have a family history of lung cancer. A low-dose CT scan will be performed after evaluation by one of BRG’s radiation oncologists.

“Lung cancer is the most deadly cancer in Louisiana, causing almost a third of the state's cancer deaths,” said Dr. William Russell, a radiation oncologist at BRG. “Despite evidence that the tests can save lives, not enough people are getting screened. We want to do better.”

Lung cancer screening for men at high risk led to a 26-percent reduction in lung cancer death. For women, the benefit is even higher.

While breast cancer mortality rates have fallen thanks to better prevention and management, lung cancer trends in women are not as positive. New lung cancer cases have dropped by 32 percent for men, but have risen 94 percent for women, according to the American Lung Association.

Detection is much higher for breast cancer than lung cancer, as most women are aware that mammograms provide early screening; yet female smokers aren’t as aware that CT scans are now available to screen for lung cancer.

Held in conjunction with Lung Cancer Awareness Month, the screening event is from noon to 3 p.m. at BRG’s Imaging Center at 5422 Dijon Drive. The screening is $15 and space is limited, so participants should reserve a spot at